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  1. Rechargeable Spotlights this is 3 Million Candle Power Spotlight. Cordless and rechargeable powered using lead acid batteries. Having trigger locking mechanism which helps in one hand operations. Dual system of 120V adaptor and also 12V Plug for car.

  2. This is one million candlepower Coleman Rechargeable Spotlights model COLEMAN PML8000. The main features include 55-Watt Halogen Bulb, Polished Reflector, 20 Minutes Of Continuous Use, Sealed Lead Acid Battery, dual power cord so can be used in car.

  3. Cordless Rechargeable Spotlights in black. This is one Million Candle Power Rechargeable Cordless Spotlight. Powerful 55-watt halogen bulb. Super bright SMARTBEAM beveled reflector. Built-in fluorescent worklight. Adjustable handle with rubberized grip.

  4. This is one million candle power Rechargeable halogen spotlight. It is cordless having powerful 55-watt powerful halogen bulb. Built-in fluorescent worklight and adjustable handle with rubberized grip.

  5. Coleman PML8020 Powerful Portable Rechargeable Spotlights. Using 55 watt halogen bulb and polished reflector it produce a clear and powerful beam. It is also includes Includes spotlight, 2 additional lenses, AC and DC charging adapters

  6. 10 in 1 Coleman 1M CP Halogen Spotlight. If features -90 degree swivel light, Digital clock, Emergency flashers, Utility light, Emergency lens covers, Shoulder strap. One of the powerful handheld spotlights.

  7. This is one of the powerful Halogen Spotlight includes a powerful 55-watt halogen bulb. It has polished reflector that can produce a beam up to one mile. This can be used as Vehicle Spotlights since it can work on 12V power port in your vehicle.

  8. Rechargeable Portable handheld spotlight, cordless operation, completely portable and Powerful enough having 55-watt halogen bulb. 30 minutes of continuous use when fully charged, has locking trigger, metal hanging hook, and AC and DC adaptors. This makes it one of the best handheld spotlights.

  9. Coleman 2 Million Candle Power Rechargeable Spotlight Light up to two million candles in one flip of the switch with the Coleman Powermate PML8800. It Can be powered by 12v vehicle plug also can work on removable lead acid battery and it makes is the best handheld spotlight.

  10. This Coleman Powermate Spotlight PML8830 Runs off maintenance free. Includes 120 Volt AC charger, 12V car charging cord. Sealed lead acid battery and LED level indicators. Can be used upto 30 minutes continuously when full charged. Adjustable strength ranging form 3M to 1.5M

  11. 1 Million Candle Power Cordless and rechargeable for complete portability. Adjustable handle with rubberized grip makes it one of the best handheld spotlights. Equiped with Powerful 55-watt halogen bulb that creates a very clear and bright beam.

  12. This is one of the powerful 500,000 Candle Power Rechargeable Halogen Spotlights form Coleman. Powerful bulb and polished reflector that generates clear and bright beam.

  13. 10 in 1 One Million Candlepower Halogen Spotlight a powerful one. This features Digital Clock, Emergency Flashers, Utility Light, Emergency Lens, Covers, Shoulder Strap and more.

  14. One of the powerful Coleman Powermate 12V 1,000,000 Candlepower Spotlight. It produce a very solid clean beam that can go upto 1 mile long and this makes it very strong handheld spotlight.

  15. Electra Spotlight 1M Candle Power Cordless Halogen Spotlight. It features -high intensity halogen bulb and have powerful beam that shines upto 1 mile.

  16. This Electra Spotlight produced powerful beam using its high intensity Halogen bulb. This comes with 12 feet recoiling cord.

  17. Emerson EMR800Y Cordless Spotlight Yellow is Halogen Spotlight produced super bright beam and gives higher visibility. It has inbuilt LED charge indicator. One million candle power with built-in recharable battery.

  18. This is Emerson 2 Million Cordless Rechargeable Halogen Spotlights. It can work using the built-in rechargeable battery or directly from a any 12 Volt power source. Locking ON/OFF trigger switch for added safety makes it one of the best handheld spotlight.

  19. AIC 2 Million Candle Power Spotlight. It has 110 Volt Charger and Car Adapters and Powered by rechargeable lead acid batteries. This can give you freedom to charge and use your Spotlight Anywhere indoor or outdoor in your vehicle.

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