Egyptian Cotton Sheets

About Egyptian Cotton

As the name suggest this Cotton are found and grown in Egypt. It is the extra long staple cotton hence preferred above others for the luxury bedding products. The sheet made out of this termed as Egyptian Cotton Sheets and are known for its extremely pleasing softness. It is the favored cotton for high end bedding and bath product lines in the market now a days. In early days it was very expensive and was meant for high end consumers. But in today's market it is still expensive over other cotton but not that costly of early days. And it is available to many stores at very reasonable price unlike earlier at only few stores and expensive.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Qualities and Thread Counts

Egyptian cotton sheet are made out of 100% of Egyptian cotton.These cotton are extra long staple which produces finest of yarns and hence more softness and strength. Following are the top qualities that makes them superior over the other natural cotton.

  • The best quality of these cotton sheet is its fabulous softness.
  • Using its longer fiber length it produces the finest of yarns and more strength.
  • With the strength of the fiber produces solid fabrics with more resistant to stress.
  • Its best quality of absorbing the liquids gives the fabrics deeper, more resistant colors.
  • This cotton is hand picked and hence it having the highest levels of purity unlike machine picked.
  • Additionally hand picking produced the fibers straight and intact and without stress on fibers.

These are the synonymous of luxury in the market of bed sheets products lines. These are made out of 100% Egyptian cotton. These are luxurious and softer like those found in top class hotels. It has made this luxury at our home too. Because of its long staple cotton, these products are having more strength and are more solid means longer lasting.

Thread Counts

The thread count is a measure of numbers of threads into a inch square of fabric. This means it is a measure of numbers of threads woven into square inch of fabric length wise and width wise. So this measure represents the quality of the fabrics, simply more the thread count will produce finer and more softer fibers with more flexibility. The thread count is not only the measure of quality in case of Egyptian Cotton Sheets because the quality and softness also depends on the quality of cotton. The Cotton are longer staples hence it produced finest of yarns and this makes it possible to make quality, longer lasting, more solid fabrics. There are many variations of thread counts are available viz 300, 600, 800, 1000 and upto 1200 to 1500 thread counts.

1000 Thread Count Sheets

1000 thread count sheets are luxurious full sized sheet. These are available in different colors and different sizes. The bedding products made out of these 1000 tc sheets are meant for luxury and softer feel. These products are both comfortable and durable. Typically these sheet sets available includes 1-flat sheet of (86"x96"), 1-fitted sheet of (54"x75") and 2-standard pillowcases of (21"x32").

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